Hi! I am Orestis, a photographer and  web specialist based in Athens, Greece. I love creating, shooting and travelling. Th..th..that’s all folks!

About Me

A hardworking guy who loves to  explore, create, daydream, cook and travel. I always try to think outside the box even if i have to break the box. My greatest insiration is my friends, life and nature. 

As a child i was always exploring with no borders in mind. My favorite at the age of 12 was to go on hikes on the mountain around my home. I always enjoyed nature and seeing a place for the first time. After many years of observing nature i realised that everyday everything is so different, you can get the same sunset twice. 

When i catch myself running i try to remember that all i need is already around and close to me. Photographing nature and insects especially learned me that you have to slow down and relax yourself to explore the macro world around us. If you try that when layed on whichever rock or soil around you, you will immediately start seeing that we are surrounded by so many creatures.

Hmmm…now i don’t really like to preach since i read so many preaches, but my moto these ast years is that everything is going on, don’t stop, everything flows, follow the flow.

Orestis Rovakis

What I Do

I offer services in photography and web.


With more than 20 years of experience in the Internet, i can organize and bring your company to the new era of the Web. Do more and do it good, is my aim.


Started as a passion, continued as work. This is one of the recipes to a happy life. I have great experience in product photography and a specialty in Jewelry photography. I am always open to new projects and ideas.


Builidng websites and online games since 2001, i can make real the website you have in your mind.

Photo+Web = 

Having a project for an online shop? Nedd a photographer and a web builder? Let’s talk and find our way to a great result.

Social Media

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Working for many years with WordPress and Woocommerce we could team up to create your Ecommerce website and sell your goods around the Globe.

Get in Touch

What if i am the person you were looking for? Packed with dedication and discipline you will love working with me.

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